We’ve sorted out the group buy pricing on Cobb APs finally and happy to say it is too low to advertise. There are two prices, one for the US customers and another to Canada due to shipping. I have to say I’d love to have had this price when I got my own AP back last year!

For those outside the US and Canada, let us know and we can figure out shipping separately in your case.

Going forward, Pro Tuning Freaks has partnered with Sonic Tuning for some of our work and any of our future Cobb AP unit sales will ship directly from their facilities.

For pricing you can email us at sales@protuningfreaks.com or reach us at BimmerBoost.

Group buy will run for 2 weeks, ending on August 2nd, 2012 when payments will be collected and all units shipped.

Link to the thread on BimmerBoost:

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