Setting the Aquamist Failsafe

Before starting this process please ensure the system is purged and operating correctly. You will need have set the threshold trimmer to the point where you want the system to come on before the following procedure otherwise you may need to reset the lower window.


  • Start with the WL trimmer on the gauge set full left (CCW) and the WH full right (CW). Put the system in test to spray 100%, (in open air) for no more than 1 minute at a time.
  • Turn the SC trimmer on the gauge until 6 of the 8 bars are lit up.
  • Turn the WH to the left (ccw) slowly until the “B” light at the end of the gauge flashes or goes off.  Stop, and turn it back clockwise 1-2 clicks. Take the system out of test. The high failsafe is now set.

You will need to drive the car to set the lower failsafe.

  • With the car in a high gear, 3rd or higher, gently press down on the throttle until the system starts to inject. When injection starts the “B” light at the end of the gauge should come on steady.
  • Turn the WL trimmer to the right 1-2 clicks at a time.
  • Repeat the same gentle throttle application. If the “B” light comes on then goes off right away, the failsafe has been tripped. If the “B” light stays on, turn the WL CW another 1-2 clicks.
  • If the failsafe trips during throttle application, let off the throttle and repeat a number of time to ensure it is at a consistent setting. If repeatable, turn the WL back to the left (CCW) 1-2 clicks.

The lower failsafe has now been set.

Any change to the jetting or other parameters of the system may require a resetting of the gauge scaling and failsafe windows. What you have just done is set a failsafe window around the working parameters of you system. The time you put into setting this failsafe will dictate how well it operates. When set properly, the failsafe should not active under normal conditions. If your system is operating properly for a fair amount of time, and the failsafe begins activating, you probably have an issue and should address it accordingly.

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