You are probably visiting our site looking for advice on your BMW N54. Here at PTF we have been involved with the N54 engine tuning scene since its inception in 2006 and still enjoy every second of it. We started as enthusiasts learning about the platform, tuning, modifying and racing it while always striving for more!

We have decided to share our knowledge and experience with anyone looking for anything from FREE advice on their datalogs to paid services such as easy and convenient email (remote) tuning, dyno tuning as well road/track testing and tuning. Our datalog review and overall tuning advice are something we are proud to offer to all N54 enthusiasts around the globe. See the list of our products and services below for more information on our current offerings.

Thank you for visiting our blog and we look forward to posting regular updates about the stuff we learn, already know or are investigating with this truly amazing motor.

Cheers from PTF!