NEW N54 HP WORLD RECORD: 725WHP 609WTQ – VTT VTX-R63 Twin Turbo Kit – BMW 335i

Sharing the final set of our tuning results from our custom tuning work with the Vargas Turbocharger Technologies in California. Here’s Tony Vargas’ (owner of VTT) online posting/review of our final results with the second to largest of the turbo options in the VTT kit, twin GTX2863R.

To put these numbers into perspective, with approximately 15-18% drivetrain losses this kit is making 850-885HP at the crank/motor with stock N54 engine internals!


Tony Vargas’ review and comments:

Well, we accomplished what we set out to do. When D and I first started this tuning, he actually threw a number out there and said I think 720 is a good number to shoot for a goal for proof of concept. I agreed and we set out to make it happen. Over the last month or so with a few set backs we got it done. This power was made with very conservative timing and there is MUCH more power to be had with a few taps on the keyboard on D’s end. When we hit 725 today, me the OP, and D all decided we got what we came for and to let the production kits in whose ever hand they may be go about pushing it any further. So the kit will come off this week to start production and I move into the N55 and other things I am working on. Thanks everyone for the continued support. If the other guys comes back with a higher graph, we honestly don’t care. They are now on their 2nd production revision which looks to include a new manifold and a new turbo. If our kit was at that point I would sure hope to be making more than the kit that is in prototype stage and has now seen a dyno 3 times. Big thanks to PTF, COBB, and my brother Dave for the patience. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Full Pro tune done by the guys at Pro Tuning Freaks, using the COBB flash tuning system
ERC 109 unleaded race gas for an added safety net (obviously we didn’t need the extra octane, as we stopped once we hit our goal)
+meth for cooling, we had plenty of fuel and could have most likely done a pull with it off and netted similar results since we were running 109
Smoothing in both 0-5
4th gear – Speed and RPM shown


Customer Review: BMW 335XI (N54) – Incredible gains with E50 – Intake and our custom tuning – Gains of 133awhp/168awtq from stock

Sharing another customer review. This time from an almost stock BMW 335XI running an E50 octane blend (50% ethanol 50% 93 octane gas).

The only modification to the car is an AFE Dual Cone Intake and our custom tuning.

Thank you @vwgrk for giving us the opportunity.


I recently went to a dyno to see what my PTF E50 / 93 octane map is putting to the ground on my manual transmission 335xi. The only other modification is an AFE DCI. The plugs are new and I was walnut shelled a few months ago. The results are 413 whp & 448 wtq. This is massively impressive to me given the relatively huge delta over both stock (from what I gather, 280 whp/wtq on P&L Motorsports’ AWD dyno in Franklin Park, IL) and the 93 aggressive OTS Cobb map (356 whp & 389 wtq). As the below graph shows, a peak number comparison is just part of the story. The delta in the meat of the power curve is quite good.

Tuning with PTF was a good experience. I would encourage those on the fence to pull the trigger because it is of great value, especially for those on ethanol blends like me. PTF is very responsive and was willing to make small customizations to suit my preferences in throttle feel and high-end timing. He took the time to answer all of my questions, which was valuable to an inquisitive person like me. Doing runs in 3rd gear and emailing them to PTF is pretty easy and you can take your time doing it. I started in September and didn’t finish until December (holidays, business travel, having to get a DCI and getting married interfered with my tuning schedule). This flexibility was a huge plus.

The map is smooth in all situations and drives predictably. From the graph, one can easily see why people say not to take 3rd gear and higher up to redline- the power falls off fast. Also, PTF was able to get rid of the 3rd to 4th gear shift knock / timing pulling. In fact, this was the reason I first reached out to PTF.

Before I am asked, the dyno operator, sadly, did not log the runs properly, so I do not have the logs of these runs. So, do I earn my FlexFuel badge yet? Front-door parking for me at Whole Foods from now on!

Blue is the PTF map and red is the Cobb Stg 1 aggressive map. Green was a failed attempt to show what a stock map with a DCI would do (not like I could drain the fuel tank, so it had to be a custom map). Boost was a pound or so too high and I didn’t feel like monkeying around with it since the curve looked within expectations. Each run posted is the best of three with similar cool down times in between. IATs were similar between runs and higher than I’d like. Intercooler upgrades are key on this platform.


Customer Review: Aquamist HFS-4, Howerton 2.2gal tank, Dual Cone Intake and PTF Pro Tune – BMW 335i

We’re pleased to share another great review from Derek (@redlineryder), a recent tuning customer of ours. Thanks Derek for sharing your experience and best of luck with your N54 ;)

======== Derek’s review ======== Source:

My car before the install was 100% stock with a Cobb PTF 94 octane tune. I’m still under extended warranty so this setup was perfect and made good power. It’s crazy how just changing the software can wake this car up. However, like so many of you already know, it’s never enough and I wanted more.

I didn’t want to install catless downpipes or an aftermarket intercooler because of possible hassle from the dealer, I figure they will see removing of emissions equipment worse than some funny lines going into the charge pipe Click here to enlarge 

I ordered the following: 
– Aquamist HFS-4
– Howerton Engineering 2.2 gal. tank enclosure
– (2) Aquamist adapters for silicone/rubber hose
– HP Autowerks silicone meth elbow

ProTUNING Freaks are local to me and were nice enough to tackle the lengthy install. I wanted the install to be clean and PTF kept me updated throughout the day. I dropped the car off early Saturday morning and came by early evening to see it finished. We hit the road for some tuning afterwards. It was a long day and I appreciate the work they did, it turned out great. 

I haven’t had a chance to dyno it yet since I’m on snow tires but plan to see what it puts down once the summers are on. I can say that the meth + DCI has smoothed out the power band and now it pulls well past 5,000 rpm whereas before it felt like it was falling flat on it’s face, it also sounds alot better with the added timingClick here to enlarge

I’ve had the setup running for just over a month now and wanted to wait before doing a review. No regrets, the install is clean and runs flawlessly. The failsafe is cool and turning the gauge off acts like a quick valet mode. I also ordered some black wire cover to put over the meth lines in the engine bay to make it look cleaner. 

Disregard the grim in the pictures, we Canadians are subjected to alot of $#@! on our roads.

Click here to enlargeClick here to enlargeClick here to enlargeClick here to enlargeClick here to enlargeClick here to enlargeClick here to enlargeClick here to enlargeClick here to enlargeClick here to enlargeClick here to enlarge

I plan to install some M3 rear suspension bits next, aftermarket clutch then DP/intercooler and retune.

PTF N54 Pro Tune with 50/50 (Boost Juice) Meth – single 1.0mm nozzle, full boltons – delta of +153whp +171wtq over stock

Quick update from yesterday.

AR Catted Dp’s
Aquamist HFS-4 System w/ One 1mm nozzle 50/50 boost juice from snow performance
K&N Intake (soon to be bms dci)
ER Charge Pipe w/ Forge Diverter Valves
BMW Performance exhaust (with secondary cats in place)
PTF ProTune

Bone stock baseline showed 264whp/268wtq same day same dyno. Thought I’d throw this up as it was one of the only cars we tuned on a 50/50 meth mixture (usually do north of 80-100% meth mix) and just a SINGLE 1.0mm nozzle. With more meth and/or higher meth concentration more is available through timing. A nice DCI would help another 10-15whp at peak as well but we’re very pleased with a pretty kick ass delta of +153whp +171wtq over stock

First BMW DCT N54 (335iS) in the 11s and on stock run-flat tires, no meth!

Congratulations to KC for being the 1st 335iS DCT car to hit 11s in the 1/4 mile especially given this run was his first time at the dragstrip.

The run was done in style with windows down :) OEM Run Flat Tires, FBO, no meth and no DRs!

Simply amazing and good luck KC with your N54, you’ve got a strong runner! It was done at the Maryland International Raceway (MIR) yesterday, October 18, 2012 with weather conditions making for a DA in the mid 800s.

Below is KC’s review of the run from (

Hey guys! Our group, Bimmer Alliance and AAM customers (GTR’s and a turbo 350z) rented out a lane at Maryland International Raceway today from 9am to 5pm with unlimited runs. We all had a great time and and saw some amazing times put down. I wasn’t nearly as fast as those GTR’s, but I still ran a very respectable 11.92 1/4 on RFTs

Details can be found in the Drag Time sticky:…&postcount=279

Not too shabby for my first time! I did however have the windows down on that run, and should have pulled a 11.8x I think, and I’m gonna beat myself up over that one for a while, haha, but I’m very happy with my time! 

Special thanks go to PTF for the tune and special attention. Their AWESOME custom Cobb tunes got me where I am today!

Do I have the record on stock runflat tires, no meth, no upgraded turbos??

Here are my best two slips:



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